Expressive Modern Interiors

Expressive Modern Interiors


A house is a structure made of brick and wood, but a home is the place where you live your life, raise your children, and create lasting memories. If your home is cold or impersonal, or just not working for you, then hiring a designer is just the thing to consider for a fresh take on your space.

Gradient Interiors offers complete and comprehensive interior design services including: space planning, furnishing and fixture selection, and installation to hourly consults. Exceeding a client's expectations is always our goal.

We are also committed to a sustainable approach to our designs through creative reuse and blending of new and old materials when appropriate.





Airbnb Design & Consultation

If you are contemplating the income generated from having your own Airbnb, let Gradient Interiors guide you through the process. Whether you are carving a space out of your own home, or considering using a second property to run an Airbnb, Gradient Interiors can provide a design plan, help guide your renovation and give advice on initial set-up to maximize profit and success. Email today to set up an appointment.

Home Refresh

The perfect option for a quick fix of your interior décor. We provide the experience to (a) identify problems, (b) offer solutions and (c) help you develop a plan for your home. We aim to utilize as much of your existing furnishings as possible through re-imagination or re-upholstering and by selecting appropriate accessories, furnishings, paints and improved lighting solutions to pull your desired look together. To accommodate various budgets we offer anywhere from a one time two-hour design consult for the motivated client wanting to do their own leg work to hourly consultations working at the desired pace of the client. 

Interior Design

Whether you have one room or an entire home, office or business in mind, Gradient Interiors can help develop an appropriate vision to fulfill the dreams you have for your project. Benefits of hiring a designer go well beyond the piece of mind of having a professional's advice. Designers have access to products and discounts not offered to non-professionals. We can work on a plan for your space within a wide array of budgets to keep your project on track.



Originally from the South, Stephen Dooley has been part of the design community since 2002 working for several design showrooms in Atlanta and Seattle. With his background rooted in Modern and Mid-Century Modern interiors, Stephen blends various design aesthetics to achieve a personalized home for his clients that evoke strong emotional connections. Stephen believes in the important role of the home as a space to relax, entertain and recharge from the hectic world around us. For those that don't have the time or skills to make their house a home, Gradient Interiors offers assistance from hourly consultations to full-scale design services. Stephen has worked on projects in Seattle, Portland and throughout the Southeastern United States.